About Me

I am the author of best selling historical fiction. My debut, The Last Telegram was nominated for a national award and The Forgotten Seamstress reached the top twenty in the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists. My other books are The Poppy Factory (2014) The Silk Weaver (2017), In Love and War (2018), The Dressmaker of Draper’s Lane (2019) and Under a Wartime Sky (2020). My novels have been published all over the world and in many languages.

For most of my working life I have been a journalist for local and regional newspapers, and also in radio and television. I combine my writing career with spending time with my family, my artist husband and two beautiful grown-up daughters, three grandchildren, some wonderful friends, singing in two chamber choirs (Baroque music, especially) and, of course, reading widely.

One strand running through many of my novels stems back to my family background: I was born and brought up in a house next to the family silk mill, a company which was founded nearly 300 years ago and is still going strong today. There is more about the silk company at Stephen Walters & Sons Ltd.

 “Liz Trenow writes likes a painter, with broad strokes to set a scene, and then takes a small brush for the details, capturing the essence of the time quite effortlessly.”

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