Just look at this beautiful cover for ‘The Girl Who Sewed Love Letters’ – the Italian version of The Forgotten Seamstress. It’s so beautiful and sexy – so Italian! – and I love it.

It’s an exciting time: I have just submitted my fourth book – working title ‘The Master Piece’ – to my literary agent, Caroline Hardman. It is a story of forbidden love between an young English girl of the ‘middling classes’ and a Huguenot silk weaver, set in 1750s Spitalfields, East London. I’ve had a fascinating time researching and immersing myself in the life of the mid 18th century, learning about the social mores, the fashions and the tough times that some experienced.

I am still pinching myself that The Forgotten Seamstress reached #18 in the New York Times ebook fiction best seller list a few weeks ago! Massive thanks to all my US readers and my American publishers, Sourcebooks. Are you listening, Hollywood?