Thanks to all of you who have helped make The Poppy Factory such a success.  It’s had brilliant sales and wonderful reviews.

Of course the poppy as a symbol of remembrance has been at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness these past few weeks: the novel was inspired by this year’s anniversary of WW1, but it also has a very contemporary theme, featuring a woman army medic who served in Afghanistan.  My UK publisher, Harper Collins Avon, has been generously making a donation for every paperback copy sold to The Poppy Factory charity, to help support their excellent work in helping disabled veterans back into work and normal lives.

My US publisher, Sourcebooks, has not yet committed to publishing The Poppy Factory, so if you live in the US and would like to ask them about it, please email tickets@sourcebooks.uservoice.com! In the meantime you might have to order it from Amazon UK.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks of talks and signings, running up to Remembrance Day, but they are now over for the year. For 2015 events please click here.