A very happy New Year to all my readers!

My New Year’s resolution is to finish my fourth book – working title ‘The Master Piece’ and submit it to my publisher. It is a story of forbidden love between an young English girl of the ‘middling classes’ and a Huguenot silk weaver, set in 1750s Spitalfields, East London.  I have had a fascinating time researching and immersing myself in the life of the mid 18th century, learning about the social mores, the fashions and the tough times that some experienced. It was a period of intense industrial unrest and racial tension, which makes it all the more interesting to write about.

Meanwhile, thanks to all of you who have helped make The Poppy Factory such a success.  It’s had brilliant sales and wonderful reviews. My US publisher, Sourcebooks, has not yet committed to publishing The Poppy Factory, so if you live in the US and would like to ask them about it, please email tickets@sourcebooks.uservoice.com! In the meantime you might have to order it from Amazon UK.

During the coming year I shall be out and about doing talks and signings in many places so for my 2015 events calendar, please click here.