Maria’s Quilt

Many might think it a foolhardy enterprise for a non-quilter to write a novel with a patchwork quilt as one of its main ‘characters’, but I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to a true expert, teacher and fellow-author Lynne Edwards, MBE, who embraced the project with such enthusiasm I knew at once that our collaboration would produce something remarkable.

With her years of experience and expertise, Lynne knew precisely what fabrics, techniques and other influences Maria would have had during the various stages of her life, and we had great fun creating her ‘virtual quilt’.

Lynne has now kindly created the instructions for making this quilt, and we would both be thrilled should anyone be tempted to try it. Either click on this link to open the complete document How to make Maria’s Quilt, or click on each picture below which is then printable individually. Of course Lynne has not prescribed any colour scheme, and the blocks in the second frame from the centre, which Maria used for her applique figures, are left blank for you to personalise.

Quilter Judy Baker-Rogers has already started her interpretation of the quilt (click here) so please do get in touch by emailing me at if you also decide to have a go – I would love to find out how you get on. Of course, any technical inaccuracies about fabrics, quilting and patchwork in the text of the novel are, of course, entirely mine.

Maria's quiltInstructions for making Maria's quilt 001Instructions for making Maria's quilt 002Instructions for making Maria's quilt 003Instructions for making Maria's quilt 004Instructions for making Maria's quilt 005Instructions for making Maria's quilt 006Instructions for making Maria's quilt 007Instructions for making Maria's quilt 008Instructions for making Maria's quilt 009Instructions for making Maria's quilt 012


97 thoughts on “Maria’s Quilt”

  1. Caroline said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your book as it had everything for me to read it in the first place!

    The details of the quilt were fascinating and I would love to aspire to make such a beautiful one! My background is textiles and fashion so that also made it all the more interesting.
    The history of the institution comes as a traumatic event to read about and very pleasing to know that these sorts of places no longer exist.

    I’m into genealogy in a big way and although a fictional tale it had all the elements that make a great story to uncover about a family member and for that reason too I found it a good read.
    I’m going to recommend the book to our book group as there are lots of key elements to discuss.
    I have now downloaded your other books and am looking forward to getting stuck in to those too.
    This one was definitely a page Turner keeping me up to the small hours and I’m sure the others will too.
    Thank you for your wonderful imagination in creating such a great story.

    • Hi Caroline
      Thank you for your lovely post and I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I’m not sure where you live but if in the US, my next novel, The Hidden Thread, is published in May!
      Best wishes

  2. Michele Clarke (now Moody) said:

    I can’t find a place to comment on The Silk Weaver, but just to say it is a really good read (another one!) and so interesting for anyone interested in textiles

  3. I finished Marie’s story today and it was fantastic. This is the book my quilt guild’s book club picked for this month and I cannot wait to discuss it with everyone. I could not put the book down. Loved the format. Beautifully written!

    • Thanks so much for getting in touch! I’m so glad you enjoyed The Forgotten Seamstress – and perhaps you might try my latest, The Silk Weaver (if you are in the US it is entitled The Hidden Thread).
      Best wishes

  4. Rene' Oliver said:

    I so enjoyed The Forgotten Seamstress I couldn’t put it down, I look forward to reading another of your books.

    • Hello Rene
      Thanks so much for the lovely comment – perhaps you might try my latest, The Silk Weaver (The Hidden Thread, in US)
      Best wishes

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