Reviews for The Poppy Factory

Great Book Escapes: If there is one book you should read this year it is this one.’ Read more

Random Things Through My Letterbox: The Poppy Factory really is a fabulous read. Rose’s story is told in diary form which works so well and avoids any ‘padding’ out – it’s straight to the point, and honest. Jess is a more complex character who I was rooting for throughout the book.Read more

Books With Wine and Chocolate: ‘I enjoyed reading this book every bit as much as I expected to.Read more


5 thoughts on “Reviews for The Poppy Factory”

  1. Charlotte said:

    Hard to put into words how much I loved The Poppy Factory! Literally could not put it down. So well written and one of the best books I have read in a long time. Both storey lines keeps you guessing and you genuinely route for the characters. I will read anything writted by this author and am halfway through The Last Telegram!

    • Dear Charlotte
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment about The Poppy Factory. I hope you enjoy The Last Telegram, and The Forgotten Seamstress as well. And my new book, The Silk Weaver, out in January!
      Happy Christmas

  2. Caroline said:

    This is now the third of your books I have read and I’ve been enthralled with them all! They are hard to put down until the final page has been read.
    I am fascinated by history and genealogy and although these books are works of fiction the real history woven through them gives a real pleasure.
    I now just have your last novel The Silk Weaver to read.
    Actually it’s this last book that interested me first as some of my ancestors were silk weavers.
    I shall look out for any new books you write with great interest.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hello Caroline
      Thanks so much for getting in touch! I love that so many people feel a connection with my books because of the historical contact and especially the silk weaving. It feels like a rather special ‘club’. I do hope you enjoy The Silk Weaver.
      Best wishes

  3. Dear Caroline
    Thank you so much for your lovely email! I do hope you enjoy The Silk Weaver.
    With best wishes

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