I am thrilled to share this wonderful review at the start of publication week for The Dressmaker of Draper’s Lane:

‘I enjoyed Anna’s story in The Silk Weaver so I was looking forward to immersing myself again in this time period with Charlotte.

The prologue at the Foundling Hospital is heart-wrenching.  What makes this even more hard hitting is the fact that this scene could well have taken place in reality.  Liz Trenow certainly knows how to hook her readers in emotionally!

I was drawn in to Charlotte’s quest and found it frustrating when she kept hitting brick walls.  Louisa (her sister) obviously knew more than she was prepared to share and these scenes kept me intrigued.  I loved the family time on those visits, well, the ones where Ambrose wasn’t present …

Charlotte is a complex character.  Independent and fierce on the outside, she is full of doubts on an inner level.  She’s not afraid of confrontation though or of doing the right thing whether that’s for her business or in her private life.  I must admit I found her actions with the leeches rather daring, considering what the possible consequences could be.  She shows bravery visiting suppliers for payment of overdue bills, outstanding customer service and puts her life on hold when she’s needed by others.  Loyal and selfless.

You’ll find real historical people woven into The Dressmaker of Draper’s Lane and factual information at the start of each chapter.  The information at the start of the chapter details an item of clothing or fabric and what it is – all relevant to the chapter.  A fabulous idea and in my opinion, gives deeper understanding for the fashions and foibles of the time.

After the story, Liz Trenow has included links to the historical places and people should you wish to find out more.

I’ve loved walking through time with Charlotte.  If you enjoy historical fiction with secrets and intrigue with women at its core then you should add this one to your reading list.

A recommended read from me.

Shaz Goodwin, Shera’s Jamboree