In Love and War PBB amended (1)I am proud to present the wonderfully evocative cover of my next book, In Love and War, which will be published in the UK on 25th January by Pan Macmillan, at the start of a year marking 100 years since the end of World War One.

The so called ‘war to end all wars’ was the greatest slaughter of fighting men in history. Millions of men on all sides died or returned dreadfully injured.  In some areas, such as Flanders, one quarter of the bodies were never found, recorded only as ‘missing, presumed dead’.

The backdrop of the cover shows the Belgian town of Ypres which, along with hundreds of other towns and villages and many thousands of acres of farmland, were left completely devastated by four years of fighting. Yet, astonishingly, within a few months of the end of the war many thousands of bereaved family members made difficult and sometimes dangerous journeys to these areas, desperately seeking any news of their lost loved ones.

My characters are three such women: a young English widow, a sophisticated American woman trying to find her brother, and a German mother grieving the loss of her elder son. Their meeting at the Hotel de la Paix in a village behind the lines reveals truths about themselves and their loved ones they could never have predicted.

PS Readers in the US, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy and Russia, you may have a few more months to wait for publication in your countries, but I will keep you posted!