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Ooh, look what’s just arrived at my door!

It’s the US version of my latest novel, The Hidden Thread (known in the UK as The Silk Weaver) with its beautiful, elegant cover design and several pages of additional material, including ‘A Conversation with the Author’ and excerpts from my two previously-published novels in the US, at the end of the book. It is published by the wonderful Sourcebooks on 2nd May 2017.

It has been more than three years since the US publication of The Forgotten Seamstress and it is thrilling to see, just above my name on the title of this new book, the words ‘New York Times Bestselling Author’. This is because all you fabulous readers in America bought so many copies that The Forgotten Seamstress reached number 18 in the NYT Top 100. It was a pretty exciting moment, I can tell you. Thank you folks for making me a very happy author!

Just as in The Last Telegram and The Forgotten Seamstress, The Hidden Thread draws on my family’s 300 year history of silk weaving, only this time we go back to 18th century London, where it all began. Researching this era has been fascinating, and I can’t wait to write about it again. For more on this please click here: On researching a very different era….For more on the real people who provided the inspiration for The Hidden Thread, please click here: The Silk Weaver and here: Anna Maria and Mr Hogarth.

I do hope you enjoy reading The Hidden Thread. I’d love to hear from you.