It’s that day we all long for, and yet when it comes it is always mildly terrifying: the day when the novel you have been thinking about, researching, struggling with, agonising over, fine-tooth combing, worrying for and loving all at the same time, gets published and officially hits the bookshops!

Longed for, because there is no feeling like seeing your book in print, on the shelves, in the hands of strangers on trains. Terrifying because you want everyone to love it but in your heart know that every reader enjoys different things: your book won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but you hope that it will bring pleasure for most of them.

So good luck, The Silk Weaver! Enjoy your journey into the big wide world and may you fare well. You wouldn’t be there without the work of my wonderful agent Caroline Hardman of Hardman & Swainson, and my editor at Pan Macmillan, Catherine Richards. To both of you, we all (that’s me as well as Anna, Henri and the other characters who still live so large in my imagination) say a huge thank you.