My first three novels were set in various decades of the 20th century, but for my new novel, The Silk Weaver, I have reached much further back into history, to the 1760s in Spitalfields, East London.

I have so much enjoyed exploring a very different era for this one, but it has certainly set challenges. My research was extensive and great fun: visiting museums and great houses all over the country, and immersing myself in 18th century literature and art. But how did characters think, in those way back times? What did they read? What did they eat, what did they eat with, write with, light their houses with? There was so much for me to learn.

Georgian fashions seem to have changed almost as fast as those of today. I needed to find out what wigs men wore according to their status, their occupation, their age. Would clothes have been tied, hooked or buttoned? How did a middle-society woman get dressed, with all those layers? What make-up would they have worn? Where did they wash, and what with?

Of course you can turn to the experts and there are sources of information to be had in almost every field, but a writer must learn and absorb just the right amount of knowledge to write a convincing novel without themselves becoming an expert. There just isn’t the time.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to research as fully as possible, writing copious notes and then, when you start to write, close your notebook(s). It takes courage but somehow the knowledge sits there in the back of your head and imbues the writing and the atmosphere of the book. If you refer back to your research too frequently it seems to stultify the imaginative part of your brain and you find yourself writing non-fiction.

Over the coming few weeks I’ll be blogging about this process, what I learned and how it influenced the characters and plot of The Silk Weaver. Then, come publication date on 26th January 2017*, you can read it for yourselves.

* Sorry, US readers, you will have to wait a few more months. For you, the book will be coming out under the title The Hidden Thread in May 2017.