What US Librarians say

I love the idea of LibraryReads, which covers libraries across America. The idea is that librarians all over the country are asked to nominate their favourite fiction and non-fiction adult titles that are due to be published in the forthcoming weeks. Short reviews of the top ten titles are published on their website at http://libraryreads.org. What’s so great about this?  Librarians recommend thousands of books to thousands of readers every day. They also hear from readers about what books they like, and why. So a system which captures some of this information has got to be good news for readers and authors alike. It also helps to raise the profile of libraries and of books in general. It should definitely be adopted here in the UK, too! There’s another reason why I like this system: the lovely librarians of the US have chosen my second novel, The Forgotten Seamstress, as one of their top five for May. This is what they said about it: “Two women’s stories, separated by close to 100 years, connect through a patchwork quilt. Carolyn finds a quilt in her mother’s attic and is intrigued by its origin, and quiltmaker Maria’s story is told through transcripts. Trenow carefully stitches together a novel about family secrets, using many interesting details about fabrics, needlework, and textile conservation. A strong sense of place and well-told story make this book superior women’s fiction.”