Judy and Liz with quilt

I have been learning such a lot through talking to quilters about my novel, The Forgotten Seamstress! On Saturday I talked to a large audience for the Quilters Guild Region 8 Day, at Ipswich, and what made this day all the more special was the fact that quilter Judy Baker Rogers arrived with her version of Maria’s Quilt which was then duly hung for display, as a backdrop to my talk. Here she is on the left, with me on the right.

The only thing missing for me was Lynne Edwards, my collaborator and the designer of the Maria’s Quilt pattern, who unfortunately had a prior teaching engagement (she’s so in demand!).

I love the fact that quilters have such a broad interest in fabrics and their manufacture, as well as being fascinated by design, form, colour and all the rest. Judging by the numbers of copies of the book that they bought, they are also great readers! What a wonderful combination.