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One of the unexpected joys of becoming a writer is meeting readers!

Real readers, clasping my book in their hands (readers of the e-book version also welcome, but they don’t give me quite the same buzz).
Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of talking to around 20 different book groups, large and small, about The Last Telegram. Most of them include some form of eating and drinking, too, and those meeting in restaurants are especially congenial, such as Caxton Books’ club at Frinton, where I was last night (great food served at Cafe 19), the Gourmet Book Club of Colchester and the Appetite Book Club, based at The Court House in Colchester.

I simply cannot think of a better way of spending an evening than enjoying good food and drink in the company of interested and interesting people, as readers tend to be, people with fascinating ideas and creative imaginations of their own, with a diverse range of life experiences and well-considered opinions.
People often apologise in advance, when asking a question: ‘I expect you’ve been asked this a dozen times before,’ they say. Actually, the variety and range of questions never ceases to surprise me and, although there are a few that occur more often than others, it is never a bore to answer them because in doing so, each time, I learn something different about myself and my own experience of writing.
Some questions require me to analyse more complex aspects of the creative process, which gets me thinking (always useful). And, just occasionally, I am stumped for answers. Like the reader at Cafe 19 last night who asked (as a joke, of course) what research I’d done for the lesbian sex scene which never made it into the final version of The Last Telegram! (Note to self, must think of a witty reply for next time I get asked that question.)

So, if you belong to a book club with more than 20 or so regular attendees and within half an hour’s drive of my home town of Colchester, and would like to have an ‘author’ speaker, do get in touch and I may be able to oblige. My email address is on the contacts page of this website.

Here I am signing books!